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RTL Alumni
Continued Practice and Lifelong Learning
Radical Transformational Leadership and the

Conscious Full-Spectrum Response (CFSR ) model

Graduation Celebration


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Dear RTL Alumni

Welcome to the community of continued practice and learning of RTL!



Are you a RTL Alumni/attended a workshop by Monica Sharma in India with Tata institute of Social Sciences (TISS) or RTL-Works? (Workshops of Dr Monica Sharma were called Radical Transformational Leadership (RTL) after the publication of here award-winning book in Dec 2017). If yes and you are not on the RTL India mailing list, please fill up the form below.



If you are an alumni pre 2017 and do not have the RTL Book we will send you one



Below are several opportunities that you can join and engage:


All the above free, at no extra costs. In addition we also have

Repeating Stage 1 Course 

Repeating Stage 1 (9 days)

It is preferable to repeat RTL workshops at least twice, in order to gain more clarity of practice and rigor. We offer alumni, a 50 % discount on the course to repeat the stage 1 course of 9 days. (Amounts to Rs. 15930 inc. GST)




1.     To enhance learning-in-action for generating enduring and equitable results

2.     To support members of the book club who wish to establish learning circles


Why a Book Club?


This book, Radical Transformational Leadership: Strategic Action for Change Agents, is deep and profound. One can mull into each sentence for hours and a chapter for weeks. This book is not only about the theory of change; it is mainly about the theory and praxis of change. Practice and application are core aspects of learning-in-action programs (LIAPs) of RTL. The numerous extraordinary examples in the book are the result of these learning-in-action programs. 

Post attending an RTL LIAP/training, reading the book enhances learning and practice of RTL tools and templates. Reading the book and participating in Book Club supplements the workshop learning and practice  


How Does the Book Club Work?

We form a group of 3 to 10 per book club.


Participants - Minimum 3, Maximum 10

All participants will commit to being regular in the book club meetings 


Frequency - Calls are held weekly on Zoom. Every week/fortnight participants read 10-20 pre-decided pages from Dr. Monica Sharma’s book. 



  • Check in 

  • Taking turns, begin with name and stand, each participant first reads sentences that generated reflection/insight. Focus on reflection of the past or learning for my practice or connecting the same to new learning for practice.

  • A RTL “Practitioner Coach“ will anchor each call and process the learning.

  • You will find learning in terms and depth and diversity of sharing from each sharing. Sometimes 3 to 4 sharing of reflections from the same sentence gives greater insights and depth.

  • In the second-round people share their reflection based on what they hear from each other. Here participants who have missed reading the weekly reading assignment can engage and share reflections generated from the first round of sharing.

  • Acknowledgment of my learning from group- One 1 thing I learnt (very brief 1 or 2 sentences) from the group.

  • Decide on page readings for the next session.

  • One word check out.



If you wish to continue in triad call practice and be put in a triad with other alumni, please drop an email or call: 
Mobile: +91 6260337629


The team of RTL ‘Practitioner Coaches’ hold sessions to support design of projects of alumni using RTL tools and templates This is free of cost and is open to RTL Alumni of previous cohorts of the STAGE I RTL course/workshops (9 days).

RTL Design Practice Session is split into 2 sessions of 2 hours each and will be held once every 2 months on every even Month of the year- Feb, April, June Aug , Oct and Dec (days of the month and time to be announced).

We take up projects of 2 volunteers and apply all the 4 design templates on their projects as a sharing and conversation, exploring the application of design templates as given below:

Day 1 (2 hours)

1.         CFSR

2.         Respond and Realise

Day 2 (2 hours)

3.         Synergistic Operational Strategies

4.         Transformational Results Chain


Please do work on your initiative /project using the above 4 Templates and have them ready. You can choose to iterate it a couple of times. If you wish our help in doing so, please indicate.


Yes it is free!

Updates are through our emailing list and telegram broadcast channel.


Anchored and led by a team of RTL ‘Practitioner Coaches’ hold RTL refresher sessions to provide an opportunity for you to: 

  • revisit the distinctions, tools and templates from the course 

  • build capacity to apply the learning in your work to get results 

  • share, reflect, and grow as a leader

  • be inspired, and

  • stay connected with us and each other


The refresher are 3 hours and will be held once in every two months on every odd Month – Jan, Mar, May, July, Sep and Nov (days of the month and time TBA)



Here is a sample of the outline and agenda for the session. Please prepare, you can look at the intersession sheet, the daily reflections handouts, the relevant handout, your notes, and refer to the relevant pages in the book.


Opening: (10 Mins)

Brief introduction 

Insights from My Practice (20 Mins)

We invite each participant to share their stand and a short general insight (max. 1 min each).

Practising the distinctions, tools and templates: (2 hours 30 minutes)

We will review the topic and then open for insights

Topic 1: One tool from the "Embodying Distinctions" section:
Topic 2: From tool from "Designing to Make a Difference" section: 

Topic 3: One tool from the "Practicing New Processes"

Closing (10 Mins)

In the closing we will share dates for next gathering, decide on choice of next topics before ending with a quote from RTL Book 

Updates are through our emailing list and telegram broadcast channel.


Have you been using RTL tools to design and implement your project in your sector/topic? Form a group of practitioners who are doing the same. Eligibility: All who have completed RTL Stage 1 (9 days) and have been in practice for at least two years.

It is preferable to repeat RTL workshops at least twice, in order to gain more clarity of practice and rigour.


​From time to time we organize webinars where speakers share the theory and practice of the application and use of the Conscious Full Spectrum Response (CFSR) Model and Radical Transformational Leadership (RTL) tools and templates related to their topics/subjects/sector and themes.


Updates are through our social media, emailing list and telegram broadcast channel.


Stage 2 of the Radical Transformational Leadership programme  is an advanced learning-in-action leadership programme of Dr. Monica Sharma and builds on what was learned and practiced in Stage 1 through a series of four workshops over nine days.

This programme is designed to continue to support a diverse group of entrepreneurs, programme managers, policy makers and community members to generate extraordinary results for equitable and enduring individual, organizational, community and societal change. 


This stage is critical in continuing the learning-in-action that we began in Stage 1 and deepen our capacity to implement change in new, effective, and ethical ways. Eligibility: All who have completed RTL Stage 1 (9 days) and have been in practice for at least a year


























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