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‘RTLWorks leads by example in being a pioneer and role model  of a next generation social purpose enterprise that is an investor & invested in equitable results for all based on universal values.


Its foundation and DNA, is the work of Dr. Monica Sharma, (author of award-winning book “Radical Transformational Leadership: Strategic Action for Change Agents”) developed by her vast and extensive experience over 25 years of application of various methods and tools for tangible results for people’s development worldwide, in over 60 countries. 


RTLWorks is a constellation of ‘independent-interdependent’ individuals and organisations committed equity and thriving for all using RTL tools and templates, including the Conscious Full Spectrum Response (CFSR) model. RTLWorks  uses  the Conscious Full-Spectrum Response (CFSR) model—The triple helix of our innate intertwined attributes—universal heart of compassion, equity dignity impulse, discerning eye seeing patterns  for solving problems, shifting systems and culture, and sourcing our inner power and universal values simultaneously.


RTLWorks crafts and creates the new strategic tapestry of scale through the conscious full spectrum response (CFSR) fractal. RTLWorks redefines success and impact as prosperity - creating and establishing the cultural value of thriving for all.

Fallacy and New Learning

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Fallacy: Ethical or principled is idealistic and what we require pragmatism in order to succeed. We should “get the job done at any cost,” and we are “wired to be independent and look out primarily for ourselves and our families” and kinship groups.

New Learning: Being ethical and principled at home and at work is not just realistic, but normal.  Being principled is simply the alignment of who we are, what we wish for ourselves and others, and the words we speak and the actions we take, knowing we live in a world of abundance. When principled realism becomes our reality, we create new contexts and redefine success and create the space and circumstances for our full potential to manifest

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