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Radical Transformational Leadership
Stage II 2024 -Online

Session I: 27-28 January 2024

Session II: 24-25 February 2024

Session III: 23-24 March 2024 

Session IV: 4-5 May 2024




 The Stage II workshop of Radical Transformational Leadership is an advanced learning-in-action leadership programme of Dr. Monica Sharma and builds on what was learned and practiced in Stage 1 (9/11 days) through a series of four sessions over Eight days. This programme is designed to continue to support a diverse group of entrepreneurs, programme managers, policy makers and community members to generate extraordinary results for equitable and enduring individual, organizational, community and societal change.  This stage is critical in continuing the learning-in-action that we began in Stage 1 and deepen our capacity to implement change in new, effective and ethical ways.

All who have completed RTL Stage 1 and have been in practice for at least a year are invited by RTL-Works to participate in RTL Stage 2 Workshop Series.  

• Session 1- Extraordinary Enduring and Equitable Results:27-28 January 2024
• Session 2- Cultural & Organizatio
nal Transformation for Human Unity:24-25 February 2024       • Session 3- Responding at Scale-The Strategic Tapestry of Scale:23-24 March 2024
• Session 4- Whole Systems Transformation for Equitable & Enduring Results: 4-5 May 2024

Each of the 4 sessions is for 2 days, organized over. 
•    Saturday (8.00 am to 5.00 pm) 
•    Sunday (8.00 am to 5.00 pm)


To support people to enhance creativity, connectivity and capacity to generate the enduring and equitable impacts and outcomes they wish to see, design breakthrough initiatives to build on what works, address challenges and generate powerful results.

 In every session, we will integrate core Radical Transformational Leadership practices and distinctions with new tools and processes for our project or issue area resulting in equity and wellbeing.  

RTL Stage 2 Session 1: 27-28 January 2024
New Narratives, New Possibilities and Radical Transformational Leadership 

We will focus on the following:  


o   Create new possibilities for our humanity and planet through seeing and documenting the new emerging narratives that foster equity, human unity and dignity for all. How do we notice when a new narrative is emerging and start amplifying that narrative, so that it becomes the new normal? 


o   Enhance capacity for creativity and contribution as transformational managers, transformational leaders and transformational stewards. What does it imply? How do I integrate RTL templates and tools in ‘Everyday Activities’? How do I plan for and implement shifts in systems and cultural norms and create alternatives? What are the core building blocks of the Radical Transformational approach that build capacity of teams and partners to do things differently, shift conversations, and accomplish transformational results? 


o   Notice and transcend defensiveness. All of us have fears as a consequence of our socialization process. Becoming aware of them allows us to have more options and make choices and transcend our defensiveness. Then, we are not ‘stuck’, not obstructive, not attached to our views and opinions. As human beings, we have an innate ability to commit to action when we get out of our own way. Committing to action is what makes ordinary people do extraordinary things.

RTL Stage 2 Session 2:  24-25 February 2024
Cultural and Organizational Transformation for Human Unity 

We will focus on the following: 


o   Interrupt disempowering ‘ISMS. The key to interrupting entrenched ‘isms’ is to source the universal values of dignity, equity, and compassion, transcending our ego and loosening the grip of our exclusionary social identities. The root factors of all isms are the same, though its expressions may be different. What can we put in place? 


o   Build ‘Stage 5’ teams and entities in order to generate equitable and enduring results. How do we enhance accountability and simultaneously experience the joy of service and the adventure of unfolding our full potential? What ‘everyday’ communication, learning, and strategic processes support stage 5 teams and entities? How will we transform inevitable breakdowns to breakthroughs? 


o   Build Trust: We can and must learn to trust. Building trust is a leadership competency. How will we create, build and maintain trust? and restore trust once it has been lost or betrayed?  Trust solves problems by way of releasing the wisdom of the team and the group.  Trust amplifies a sense of solidarity.  Trust is something we make, create, and sustain with our promises, commitments, moods, emotions and sense of our own integrity.  


RTL Stage 2 Session 3: 23-24 March 2024
Responding at Scale-The Strategic Tapestry of Scale 

We will focus on the following: 
o   SOS – 2 There are many opportunities for significant change in most organizations and projects. How do we put in place the essential strategies to ensure significant change? How do we develop, and utilize, capacities in today’s context? How do we initiate meaningful metrics and responsible media to establish conscious full spectrum responses? And establish interdependent entities? 
o   Principles of Constellations:  Everyone can directly make a difference to scale action and results by designing and implementing Conscious Full Spectrum responses at home or at work or in communities. When we source universal values, and express them through strategic action, multitudes of initiatives come alive, and a vast array of ideas find expression based on our aspirations, interests and talents. Our independence is wholesome through our interdependence. What are organizing principles of independent/interdependent ‘stars’ of constellations?
o   Accountability and Responsibility. Leadership is not reserved for chairpersons and CEOs. Because we focus on shifting routine activities into spaces for transformational and enduring change, every person can lead and generate transformational results within their sphere of influence and accountability, no matter how large or small. How do we create spaces to encourage people to step up and take responsibility?

RTL Stage 2 Session 4: 4-5 May 2024
Whole Systems Transformation for Equitable and Enduring Results

We will focus on the following: 
o   Establishing a learning organization: What Skills, Competencies and Inner capacities do we need to learn in today’s context to address complexity? How do we establish effective and vibrant organizations and enhance capacities of staff? How can learning inculcate personal mastery and, at the same time, create a learning-through-action culture?
o   Systems Change and Leverage: Prosperous and thriving societies are established when we align our strategies and action to respond and solve problems and simultaneously put in place strategies to realize our full potential to generate systems alternatives. And we are attuned to one another, operating in resonance based on universal values of dignity, fairness and compassion. With our tremendous technological advances, we can disrupt unworkable systems and accomplish tremendous meteoric transformation in a short span of time, not merely incremental change. How do we leverage systems to address the huge, seemingly intractable problems in today’s fragmented, inter-connected world? 
o   Transformational Campaigns and Speaking Events: Transformational stewardship development is at the heart of designing and implementing meaningful, results-oriented campaigns and events. How do we organize them? Responsible advertising and media, including social media, are critical for a thriving humanity and planet. Misinformation and lies on social media can mislead and manipulate us. As citizens, we must educate ourselves, not be swayed by whatever appears on social media and create a counterculture. What can we do?
o   Enrolment: How do we enroll politicians and citizens to transform the political discourse to generate a prosperous, equitable and enduring future and mature the democratic process? Citizens want to know, and are fully capable of understanding, the systems and cultural norms that give rise to problems in everyday living as well as those that erode our dignity and capabilities from manifesting. Citizens want to engage in making their lives, and the lives of the next generation, better. How do we enroll them?



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The registration fee (inclusive of GST ) for the 4-part workshop series:

•    Rs 28320 (all the 4 sessions inclusive of GST). Must have completed RTL           stage I
•    Rs 14160 for stage II alumni who completed all 4 sessions from 2021-22            RTL Stage II Session (inclusive of GST)
•    USD 445 for participants from Income poor countries.
•    USD 750 for participants from and based in income rich countries as well                         corporates, International organizations and donor agencies.
Early Bird Discount of 10% for registration and payment before 15 Dec 2023



If you would like to sponsor any candidate or contribute to a scholarship

  • This is not a sponsored program and we have not procured grants for the workshop, but we are exploring for scholarships. 

  • All the facilitators and resource people are working in service pro bono.

  • Please feel free to contact us for any assistance at    

Glasika: +91  6260337629(Phone, Signal, Telegram and Whatsapp)

Chitra: +91 9820002916 (mobile/ whatsapp)



●    Friday, 12 Jan 2024              Last day to register.
•    Friday, 19 Jan 2024              Last date for fee payment 




Main Resource Person: Dr. Monica Sharma trained as a physician and epidemiologist, worked for the United Nations since 1988 for 22 years. Currently, she engages worldwide as an International Expert and Practitioner on Leadership Development for sustainable and equitable change. She works with United Nations, Universities, Management Institutions, governments, business, media and civil society organisations. She is the author of the award-winning book “Radical Transformational Leadership: Strategic Action for Change Agents”. She created a unique response based on extensive application –a conscious full-spectrum model- that generated equitable and sustainable results related to several Sustainable Development Goals, worldwide. As a practitioner, her proven track record of generating measurable results at scale, expertise related to achieving sustainable development goals as well as enhancing leadership on every continent, are unique.

Bridget Horkan has been engaged in development aid and community building in Africa, Asia and Europe. She is passionate about education, empowerment and community engagement. She currently serves in and near the international township of Auroville. Bridget co-founded and manages Thamarai Educational Projects and is a core group member of RTL Academy in Auroville practicing to integrate the templates and tools in her life, work and mentoring others, both locally and internationally, to do the same.

Sanjeev Ranganathan is the recipient of the Lewis Winner Award for his research and has created products used by over a billion people. He is a core group member of RTL Academy in Auroville and  the founder of C3STREAM land Designs a commercial unit that supports rural youth learn, grow, work and teach.  Youth consult in Programming, Artificial Intelligence and large data, VLSI Design and Business Analysis with international companies; and simultaneously volunteer to teach over 250 children in STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) education in schools.

Srilatha Juvva is a social work educator and Professor with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai. She is a practitioner coach, trained in Dr. Monica Sharma’s Radical Transformational Leadership and applies this to transform higher education and in-service delivery for mental health and disability. She uses these tools and templates also to transform disempowering narratives of mental health and disability through fostering dignity, full potential and ethical leadership in people.

Sudarshan Rodriguez is the CEO at RTLWork and has a wide range of expertise in environmental sciences, disaster management and livelihoods. He is a practitioner coach trained in the Conscious Full-Spectrum Response Model, a transformational leadership approach based on universal values and ethics developed and created by Dr. Monica Sharma. His passion to work for planetary and people’s well-being and vision for people’s development worldwide makes him stand out from the crowd.

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