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RTLWorks is committed to realizing the Sustainable Development Goals through constellation of individuals and organizations committed to well-being for all—and this is  very relevant to today’s COVID-19 times.


Everybody can choose to be a radical transformational leader and contribute to meeting the SDGs everywhere. This needs new transformations that source our inner capacities, and new design to make a difference. This implies that we can shift unworkable cultural norms and systems to generate extraordinary results.


In this context, we are delighted to invite you to a public live webinar series “Courage to Create Alternatives: Radical Transformational Leadership” with Dr. Monica Sharma.  Everyday leaders  from India and other countries will share profound real life examples of how all of us can choose to be architects of a new humanity. 

The webinar series is about the courage to create alternatives using the conscious full spectrum response model and other RTL (radical transformational leadership ) tools and templates.

This webinar series introduces new pathways for unleashing our human potential to create new futures through strategic action. It illustrates new learnings and challenges some widely believed fallacies. It also deconstructs fallacies that we/societies continue to promote related to ourselves and the world around us. This webinar series relates to many themes, sector, topics and applications. It is useful for those who have questions and are NOT satisfied with the world as it is today.


 17 DECEMBER  2020, 1930-2130 IST


Speakers, based on their applications, will share the theory and practice of transformation related to the entrepreneurship  with the use of the Conscious Full Spectrum Response (CFSR) Model and Radical Transformational Leadership (RTL) tools and templates 


Dr. Monica Sharma is the author of award winning book Radical Transformational Leadership: Strategic Action for Change Agents” and former Director of Leadership and Capacity Building at the UN. Dr. Monica Sharma   trained as a physician and epidemiologist, worked for the United Nations and beyond for more thirty years and has published and presented over 250 articles in journals and international forums 


Dr. Monica Sharma created a unique response model based on extensive application—the conscious full-spectrum response model, which simultaneously solves problems, shifts systems, and creates new patterns sourced from individual inner capacity. This generated sustainable equitable results globally in over 60 countries. Currently, she works with United Nations, universities, management institutions, governments, businesses, media, and civil society organizations.


All sessions are being held from June to December 2020 and will take place from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm Indian Standard Time on the respective dates below:



  • Indians – Rs. 2000 per person per webinar

  • People living in other countries - USD 30 per person per webinar


  • Last date to register for webinar #12      16 Dec 2100 IST 

  • Last date for payment for webinar #12   17 Dec 1300 IST 

You will receive email on guidelines of fee payment once you register


One can register at ANY TIME AT link below.

Please click here



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